Ontology meeting 2017-07-28

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Conference Line



Update on the signaling work. Shall an editor join each group?

(Pascale question): Should we already make edits ? Or wait after the signaling meeting to make consistent changes ?



August Meeting Agenda


  • On call: Chris, David H., Eric, Harold, Jim, Kimberly, Pascale, Paul T., Tanya

Signaling Pathways

  • For big changes, planning to wait until the Cambridge meeting to present proposals for changes to make sure everyone is on board
  • Need ontology editors for each signaling pathway
    • MAPK- David
    • Wnt - Kimberly
    • GPCR - Pascale
    • Ca2+/Fertilization - ?

Proposed obsoletion of single-organism process

  • Ready for obsoletion
  • Child terms can be merged
  • Pascale will take a look at this ticket

AGR Slim

  • Discussion on last annotation call
  • More feedback from WB

GO Slim

  • AI: Build on AGR slim to create a GO-wide slim that also includes terms for plants, dicty, proks, etc.
    • Will need to allocate resources to work on this and contact people who can help

Ontology Development without Annotation

  • Focus should be on creating terms in conjunction with annotation
  • Don't quite have the resources to develop the ontology without concurrent use in annotation

Property Chains in Relations Ontology

  • Need to discuss, in August, how to handle obsoleting some of the existing property chains that will have major effects on the ontology, i.e. relations will need to be instantiated
  • Some other property chains need to be fixed (negative o negative should be -> positive)
  • Some other property chains need to be added (part of o causally upstream of -> causally upstream of)