Ontology meeting 2017-11-20

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Conference Line


Documentation on Asserted Parents

  • Deleting asserted parents was already included in the section on CreateNewTerm.
  • Does it need to be somewhere else?
  • Is it not clear enough?

GH project link


Editors Discussion


  • On call: Barbara, Chris, Harold, Jim, Judy, Karen, Kimberly, Pascale, Tanya

Documentation on Asserted Parents

suggestion: move remove asserted parent info to its own section and link from relevant places, like create new term and review existing terms

Editors Discussion

  • cellular component assembly vs biogenesis vs morphogenesis - any guidelines for deciding when to instantiate which terms?

creation of ribosome biogenesis term set a precedent for the creation of other cellular component biogenesis terms – some of which are not really biogenesis as the definition implies, but rather just plain old assembly - differences between biogenesis and assembly and synonyms – need to look at synonyms too

KMV will look at biogenesis terms more carefully and see if we really think that we need them or just retain CCorganization and just have assembly/disassembly/maintainance/morphogenesis as child terms and no biogenesis.

What about annotations? Besides GO-CAM model solution, perhaps add annot extension to indicate inputs for genes that are annotated to things like ribosome biogenesis

KMV will talk more with Jim about specifics of having the different pili in GO and how to classify them.