Outreach July 2008 Report

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Plant-Associated Microbe Gene Ontology (PAMGO) Training Workshop

By Trudy Torto-Alalibo, Michelle Gwinn-Giglio, Candace Collmer.

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
July 14-16, 2008

The PAMGO Training Workshop provided two days of lectures on genome annotation, including:

  • How to evaluate the reliability of gene models produced by gene prediction software.
  • How to evaluate functional predictions produced by annotation software.
  • What are the Gene Ontology and PAMGO.
  • How to use the Gene Ontology to accurately describe the functions of gene products.

The afternoon of the second day was devoted to hands-on experience in annotation of genes with GO/PAMGO terms.

TAIR Training Workshops

By Donghui Li and Tanya Berardini.

ASPB (American Society of Plant Biologists) Plant Biology Meeting,
June 29 2008,
Merida Mexico

19th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research,
July 23 2008,
Montreal Canada