Outreach and Advocacy Progress Report December 2009

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  • Co-ordinated by Jane Lomax and Jennifer Deegan (EBI, Hinxton). Contributions from many members of GO consortium.

GO helpdesk

  • Central email address from all GO queries. Person on duty responsible for answering the email, or forwarding the email to appropriate person and ensuring it’s answered.

GO helpdesk staff

Rachael Huntley, Emily Dimmer, David Hill, Jane Lomax, Kimberly Van Auken, Midori Harris, Amelia Ireland, Tanya Berardini, Eurie Hong, Jennifer Deegan.

Statistics for past year

Helpdesk numbers 2009.jpg Helpdesk responsetime 2009.jpg Helpdesk querytypes 2009.jpg


In May this year, the newsletter has been replaced by a a news page. Users can also follow news on this page via RSS feed and Twitter. The former newsletter working group now moderates the news feed. See the wiki pages for more information.


The website has been undergoing an overhaul this year, with much of the old documentation having being rewritten - for example the relations documentation - and the overall structure simplified to improve navigation.

Annotation training and user training in the community