Outreach and Advocacy progress report for March 2009 meeting

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  • Co-ordinated by Jane Lomax and Jennifer Deegan (EBI, Hinxton). Contributions from many members of GO consortium.

GO helpdesk

  • Central email address from all GO queries. Person on duty responsible for answering the email, or forwarding the email to appropriate person and ensuring it’s answered.

GO helpdesk staff

Rachael Huntley, Emily Dimmer, David Hill, Jane Lomax, Kimberly Van Auken, Midori Harris, Amelia Ireland, Tanya Berardini, Eurie Hong, Jennifer Deegan.

Statistics for past year

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The newsletter has been discontinued as of Oct 2008. It will be replaced by a news feed driven by the software Drupal in the next couple of months. The former newsletter working group will moderate the news feed. See the wiki pages for more information.

Annotation training and user training in the community:

By its nature, annotation outreach and user training involves staff members giving a number of talks and training sessions in the community. Highlights in this period are shown below.


In November Ana Barat and colleagues visited GOA and the GO Editorial Office at the EBI to discuss annotation systems. They are making manual literature annotations with genes involved in cancer.


Rachael Huntley presented a lecture and tutorial on "Gene Ontology - classifying your protein list" for the joint EMBL-EBI/Wellcome Trust workshop "Proteomics Bioinformatics" held at EBI, Hinxton, U.K. 8-12 December 2008.

Rachael Huntley gave a tutorial "Introduction to the Gene Ontology and GO annotation resources" for the EBI's Hands-on training course 'Transcriptomics' held at EBI on 19-22nd January 2009.

Emily Dimmer, Rachael Huntley and Michele McHale trained the first set of SIB curators in GO annotation on 28-29th January 2009 in Geneva.


Jim Hu gave a computer demo at the Plant and Animal Genome meeting in San Diego. This included using GONUTS to do community GO annotation.


The sea urchin database people are in touch with WormBase (they are on the same campus at Caltech). To begin with, they are interested in doing InterPro2GO mappings for their proteins, and intend later to submit a gene association file.

Pombe Database

Val Wood gave a talk and workshop on GO Tools for pombe researchers at a Wellcome Trust Advanced Course: Genome-Wide Approaches With Fission Yeast.


Ruth Lovering presented a seminar to the Department of Medicine, UCL, entitled 'GO for it! Gene Ontology - an essential resource' on Friday 6th Feb.

GO Editorial Office

Jane Lomax gave a talk for the new European Bioinformatics Institute predocs on the 13th February called "Introduction to GO and other Biomedical Ontologies".

Jennifer Deegan took part in an EBI Roadshow at John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK. 18th February 2009. She gave a 2 hour hands-on tutorial for 20 people, covering a general introduction to GO Project.

Jennifer Deegan taught general GO at a Master's students outreach day at the EBI.

Peach Genome

Bryon Sosinski (sosinski at ncsu.edu) wrote to say that he is coordinating the sequencing of the peach genome, and is writing a USDA-SCRI proposal to employ GO for the initial annotation of the sequence. He also wishes to offer workshops to the community on how to do the higher level annotations in their respective regions of interest. He has been put in contact with Tanya Berardini at TAIR and Fiona McCarthy as AgBase to follow this up.