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Warning: The contents of this FAQ have been moved to the new website.

How can I contribute to GO?

You can contribute to GO in several different ways. First, you might want to submit your gene or gene product annotations (see #How do I submit annotations to GO?) for distribution through GO. Or you can make suggestions for new terms or other changes to the ontologies (see #How can I suggest new GO terms?). You could also join a GO interest group; these groups work on developing specific areas of the ontologies.

How can I suggest new GO terms?

The GO vocabularies are updated on a regular basis, and suggestions from the community for additional terms or for other improvements are very welcome. You can make and track your suggestions via the Curator Requests Tracker hosted at SourceForge. The system is very simple to use; there are also instructions on using SourceForge available.

You can also send suggestions to the GO helpdesk

How do I submit annotations to GO?

Write to the GO helpdesk with your suggestions.