Phage call September 6th 2012

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  • Brenley
  • Becky
  • Jane
  • Went through unresolved questions from 23rd August call.


  • Created 2 new terms:
viral membrane ; GO:0036338 (generic term)
viral inner membrane ; GO:0039641 (lies INSIDE of the protein capsid)
  • Kept existing term 'viral envelope ; GO:0019031' to refer to the virion membrane that lies OUTSIDE of the protein capsid.

integrase activity

  • It was decided to merge 'prophage integrase activity ; GO:0008979' into 'integrase activity ; GO:0008907'.
  • However, after the call, decided not to do this because it would loose the P/F relationship:
establishment of integrated proviral latency ; GO:0075713
--[partof]prophage integrase activity ; GO:0008979