Protege-OWL Berkeley Training 2017 Agenda

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Logistics here: Protege-OWL_Berkeley_Training_2017_Logistics

Meeting material can be found in [geneontology/protege-tutorial](

Pre-meeting preparation

Computer setup

We assume you will be bringing your normal work laptop. Ideally this will have 8G of memory or more and be a macbook (or PC with linux). Let Chris know if this is *not* the case

Reading List (optional)


Wednesday 2017-02-22


  • Git and GitHub
  • OWL Concepts


Thursday 2017-02-23


  • MF refactor?
  • Design Patterns: what are they are how they can help you
  • How TermGenie works; limitations and why we're switching
  • Editing parts of the ontology as tables


  • further exercises
  • advanced ontology debugging

Friday 2017-02-24