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  • Paul Thomas
  • Chris Mungall
  • GO-Eds


To better represent regulatory processes and networks in GO, focussing (in part) on the regulatory nature of signaling pathways.


Regulation in Signaling

Need to find a better way of representing the regulatory nature of signaling pathways in GO. The intracellular cascades are currently connected to cell surface receptors by terms of the syntax:

insulin receptor signaling pathway via phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase cascade ; GO:0038028

Although the 'via' describes the route the whole pathway takes in transmitting the signal from the receptor to downstream components, it's not useful for describing the activities of individual pathway components. From the term, the annotator can not currently tell whether their GP is involved in activating PI3K, or lies downstream of PI3K (or is a PI3K).

Insulinsignaling.jpg (taken from

Similarly for the GPCR terms, if we change the existing terms to 'via', this would result in the terms loosing 'activation of AC activity' as an is_a parent.

activation of adenylate cyclase activity by G-protein signaling pathway ; GO:0007189
G-protein signaling pathway via activation of adenylate cyclase activity ; GO:0007189

GPCR overview.jpg

Ideas In Progress

Paul Thomas has a preliminary proposal on representing regulatory 'roles' in GO.

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