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A sequence feature, such as a protein domain or motif, of the annotated gene product required for its participation in the Molecular Function or Biological Process.


Strictly speaking, these fall outside the scope of GO, even with extended annotations.


requires_feature (BROAD)

==Child terms==

* None.

==Scope of use==


The GO editors have agreed that this relation should be deprecated.  The relation does not extend the meaning of the GO term, as annotation relations are meant to, instead it extends the meaning of the realtionship between GP and GO term asserted in the annotation.  It also falls outside of the scope of GO in that it makes a statement about non-cannonical conditions (mutations of GP) under which the relatonship between GP and GO term does not apply.  None of this can be expressed in OWL. Annotation extensions using this relation will not fold.


BFO:0000007 ! process (Biological Process or Molecular Function)


SO:0000110 ! sequence feature

==Annotation Extension Usage Examples==


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