SWUG:Meeting 2007-04-04

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Ben, Gail, Dan, Amelia, Seth, Mary, Stan, Simon, Suzi, John, Chris, Mike:

Review Action Items

no items to review

Reports and Discussion


Midori has signed off on 1.1 Release, expect that other OBO-Edit WG members will do likewise. In 1.2 Release annotation features of format 1.3 will be supported. John also imported quickgo graph visualization and is adding editing abilities in to graph view. MD asks if it will support GO annotation file. Answer is yes with some nuance.

Java: all have some familiarity with Java, but no one with OBO-Edit model.

  • ACTION: Suzi is to send out description of requirements for protein family annotation tool and see if anyone is interested in working on this

CJM: Shall we have a overview of graph based editing?

  • ACTION: John is to present this at next meeting.

SM: Graph view in AmiGO? SC: yes, but it should be re-implemented in Javascript. To be discussed at next meeting when we discuss visualization.

  • ACTION: Dan is to contact quickgo people to see if they want to attend.


no big news. Better display of evidence codes.

Reference Genomes

Mary & Sohel are contact people for reference genome project. Will be extending AmiGO for better display of this data. They will also determine the best solution for managing the data this data.

  • ACTION: Mary and Sohel to identify requirements and send to group
  • ISSUE: Identifier tracking. Matching ref. genome ids to MOD ids. Stan says that EBI has a tool we might be able to use. ACTION: Chris & Mary are to send requirements to this list.


  • ACTION: Chris, Seth, and Amelia to document GO-dev by next meeting and rest of group will critique then.
  • ACTION: Amelia will be moving GO FAQ to wiki pages.
  • POLICY ACTION: When anyone in software group answers a help question they will also update the FAQ and/or documentation.

Ben: Faster loading of association files, moving amigo to GO-full. Will solve by simpler fasta header lines.