SWUG:Meeting 2007-04-18

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Review of previous action items

Present: Ben, Gail, Edith, Suzi, Chris, Karen, Sohel, Dan, John

  • ACTION: Suzi is to send out description of requirements for protein family annotation tool and see if anyone is interested in working on this


  • ACTION: John is to present this at next meeting.

- TODO; 2 weeks

  • ACTION: Dan is to contact quickgo people to see if they want to attend.


  • ACTION: Mary and Sohel to identify requirements for refgenomes and send to group

- Sohel sent an emaul, hasn't heard back except from Karen. Next will work on prototypes.

  • ISSUE: Identifier tracking. Matching ref. genome ids to MOD ids. Stan says that EBI has a tool we might be able to use.
  • ACTION: Chris & Mary are to send requirements to this list.

Stan will send link to web page

We will report back

  • ACTION: Chris, Seth, and Amelia to document GO-dev by next meeting and rest of group will critique then.


  • ACTION: Amelia will be moving GO FAQ to wiki pages.
  • POLICY ACTION: When anyone in software group answers a help question they will also update the FAQ and/or documentation.

ACTION: ALL - look at FAQ ACTIOM: JOHN - examine linkage points oboedit FAQ

Reports and Discussion

  • OBO-Edit

- Internal Infrastructure to oboedit; all in GUI. 6 controllers.

- Java implementation to OBD. 1 Month.

- 1.1 released!

  • AmiGO

- Database issues. IEAs. speed. benchmarks.

- tracker

- assoc output

  • Reference Genomes

- 4 weeks from now, present changes to schema. combine with pfam/panther meeting


  • Documentation & Outreach
  • Production Databases
  1. EBI mirror update
  1. taxonomy loading

- will investigating loading tree

  • Software Architecture

- views

  • Papers


Review of Action Items

ACTION: Chris - documentation

ACTION: discuss time for reg meetings