SWUG:Meeting 2008 10 01

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Meeting notes

WebEx: http://geneontology.webex.com

Call details:

  • US 1-888-727-6732
  • outside US 1-719-867-3417
  • pin 601425


Discussion Items

  • Schema update: association_species_qualifier table. tracker
  • IEA loading tracker. On Ben's radar
  • AmiGO update. Lucene update from Seth. Blindingly fast to index.
  • DBIx::Class update. SGD is ditching it. Slow startup for SGD. Looking at Rose DB instead. Seth is looking at memcache
  • FastCGI?
  • cytoscape

Review of Action Items

  • Chris to send ppt for Transitive_closure
  • Ben to look at IEA loading
  • Chris/Ben: association_species_qualifier
  • Ben: URL for cytoscape in SGD