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Compositional Term Submission Tool

A subset of editors are using the beta interface at [[1]] and about 40 regulation terms have been automatically added to the ontology

OBO-Edit MIREOT support

  • beta with isa closure support - released, but a number of bugs need to be fixed before release

Full Text Indexing

  • Evaulate Solr - DONE
  • Install Solr labs on labs - DONE

Solr indexing will be used to provide fast textual queries and form autocompletion in AmiGO and across our web interfaces

Relation Filtering in AmiGO

  • Database reasoner DONE

RefGenome Reports

  • load gp2pthr family info - DONE
  • basic HTML reports in Labs - DONE

IndiGO Annotation Editor

  • Evaluation of protein2go architecture DONE

The p2go architecture looks suitable for extension and generalization for use as GO-wide annotation tool. We will have to define APIs that different databases can implement

GO Galaxy Environment

Taxon Constraint Engine

  • v1 running weekly DONE

available here in GO cvs:


Function to Process Inference Engine

v1 running weekly DONE


Additional Expressivity in GO Annotations

GAF2 publishing DONE

Annotation Rule Engine

Collect rules on wiki DONE

Incremental Database Loading

  1. benchmarks - TODO

Advanced AmiGO Displays

N-matrix alpha on labs DONE

OBO Edit Development

2.1 beta cycle in progress

AmiGO Development

  • 1_8 labs - DONE
  • 1_8 percolation to production - IN PROGRESS