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For more details see Signaling.

This is a list of the stages that we need to complete in the implementation of the signaling overhaul for the project to be considered complete. Where blockages have been hit, these are noted.

  • Find some internal and external experts - done - more would be good though
  • Get mailing list - done
  • Improve wiki page to make it accessible to users - done
  • Incrementally improve top term proposal until acceptable - now in beta 3
  • Work with participants to ensure smooth flow of discussion:
    • This was a major obstacle in this groups as so many people are involved.
    • We are solving this by inviting everybody who is interested on to a big conference call. This is working and cheap because we have Clackpoint ( which does very large conference calls.
  • We are considering trying to publish in this journal at the end This will be the final step and will indicate completion of the project.