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April 20th 2010

Created 3 new terms:

  • regulation of signaling pathway ; GO:0035466 (NEW)
  • negative regulation of signaling pathway ; GO:0035467 (NEW)
  • positive regulation of signaling pathway ; GO:0035468 (NEW)

And moved the regulation of x signaling pathway terms to be under these new terms.

Kept the existing reg of signal transduction terms:

  • regulation of signal transduction ; GO:0009966
  • negative regulation of signal transduction ; GO:0009968
  • positive regulation of signal transduction ; GO:0009967

And left the following terms under the signal transduction part of the tree:

  • modulation by symbiont of host salicylic acid-mediated defense response ; GO:0052089
  • modulation of signal transduction pathway in other organism during symbiotic interaction ; GO:0052250
  • regulation of mitotic cell cycle spindle assembly checkpoint ; GO:0090266
  • regulation of signal transduction in response to host ; GO:0075147
  • regulation of signal transduction involved in conjugation with cellular fusion ; GO:0060238
  • regulation of two-component signal transduction system (phosphorelay) ; GO:0070297

(and the positive and negative children)

It's still not perfect, because in the signaling pathway part of the graph we have a mixture of terms:

  • receptor signaling
  • ligand signaling
  • signaling 'cascades/signal transduction' downstream of the cell surface receptor.

so some terms may need to be re-given the signal transduction parentage and the regulation of signal transduction parentage.