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'modified amino acid' merged into 'amino acid derivative'

A heads up that ChEBI effected the high-level change of merging CHEBI:25359 'modified amino acid' into CHEBI:83821 'amino acid derivative'


and that this change has now percolated to our files, resulting in dangling parent warnings.

This change only affects 5 terms. I think David OS was working on this, I haven't checked if there are tickets about this anywhere. If not, shall we edit these axioms manually, while we wait for the broader issue described below to be resolved:

Protein family binding term requests

Once and for all, clarify. This also follows up on Paola's email from Monday.
 So the resolution is NOT to allow for protein family binding terms. If so, do we want to email the GO list 
 and/or mention policy/procedure briefly at the next annotation call.

dph- I sent all of the pending requests to Paul T. I will report on his results.

Pending SF request:

And there is one protein binding term in the TG queue.

What's a protein complex and what isn't?

Spindle isn't, spindle midzone is.

Spindle, GO:0005819: The array of microtubules and associated molecules that forms between opposite poles of a eukaryotic cell during mitosis or meiosis and serves to move the duplicated chromosomes apart.

Spindle midzone, GO:0051233: The area in the center of the spindle where the spindle microtubules from opposite poles overlap.

Related! Guidelines on protein complexes

See Paola's email 'Fwd: protein complexes' dated today March 11th.

(Lower priority) future mini-projects

Do we have resources (and willingness) to work on autophagy, or on gene expression?

For autophagy, e.g. is this correct: autophagy is_a 'cellular catabolic process'? Should it be autophagy has_part cellular catabolic process?

For gene expression, see a recent thread here: