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Minutes from phone meeting 22 April 2010

  • Example: response to small molecule - aren't these just signalling?
  • how do distinguish between response to and e.g. signalling
  • Becky: signalling and response terms are linked
    • not always - e.g. for some stress terms
  • Becky: signalling ends when the response begins e.g. includes the transcription, but not the downstream bits effects of the proteins
  • When it comes to big screens - should we even annotate?
  • IEPs - how to correctly annotate to response to terms
  • Are we going to keep IEPs for response to? Or are we interested in just annotating direct responses?
  • Ruth: we need specific examples of the responses as child terms
  • Example: insulin signalling/insertion of glucose transporter into the membrane are currently not linked. Need a term response to insulin to group these two processes.
  • Pascale: response to terms are hacks to capture the experiments?
  • Ruth: these are useful, allow us to group terms together as part of a response.
  • Val: where would stress response go without response to stress?
  • Jane: Where does the response end? Could potentially be indefinite e.g. where a whole organism responds to something.
  • Val: stress résponse is a valid set of processes whose transcription is induced by multiple stresses.

How to proceed?

  • Inconsistencies in the way response to is used.
  • Definitions need improving - further annotation documentation also needed.
  • Could we take a set of existing annotations and see whether specific child terms could be made for better annotation
  • Need examples of papers where you might annotate to response to terms
  • Pascale to collect annotation examples and post on the wiki.