Taxon-GO Checks and Commentary - Part 10

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New checks suggested by AgBase

Example line:

 GO:0007595 "lactation" only_in NCBITaxon:40674 "Mammalia" :: Ensembl    ENSGALP00000029396      ENSGALP00000029396              GO:0007595      GO_REF:0000002  IEA     InterPro:IPR003626      P                       protein NCBITaxon:9

031 20091214 UniProtKB

This IEA from Chicken is erroneously associates a protein with "lactation", which is restricted to mammals.

Other examples that should only be applied to mammals are:

GO:0001701 in utero embryonic development only_in Theria "taxon:32525"

GO:0007595 lactation only_in Mammalia "taxon:40674"

GO:0001890 placenta development only_in Theria "taxon:32525"

GO:0030879 mammary gland development only_in Mammalia "taxon:40674"

GO:0001967 suckling behaviour only_in Mammalia "taxon:40674"

GO:0001824 blastocyst development only_in Theria "taxon:32525"

NOTE: this classification needs checking; I am not sure if it is correct for marsupials.

GO:0007565 female pregnancy only_in Mammalia "taxon:40674"

GO:0042633 hair cycle only_in Mammalia "taxon:40674"

GO:0042473 outer ear morphogenesis

NOTE: chicken do not possess an outer ear, or pinna, as most mammals possess, but they do have ear lobes. Not sure whether this is included in the GO:0042473 definition

GO:0042476 odontogenesis

Exclude Aves "taxon:8782"

Include Tyrannosauridae "taxon:436493" (eg. Tyrannosaurus rex - big scary teeth)

GO:0042297 vocal learning only_in Passeriformes "taxon:9126"

(Need to exclude all other Aves)

DONE: I have added all appropriate checks down to here.

Errors detected and fixed

The checks above produced 136 IEA errors which have been reported back for fixing.