Taxon-GO Checks and Commentary - Part 9

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January 2010

Emily Dimmer of GOA has sent this enquiry to Chris:

Could I check with you what version of gene association 
files you are using in your GO database to query the GO 
taxon checks that Jen has generated?  I'm very confused 
by one of the results from the most recent run -

protein    NCBITaxon:9606    20030904    PINC       
GO:0005816 "spindle pole body" only_in NCBITaxon:4751 "Fungi" 
:: UniProtKB    P23258    TUBG1        GO:0005816    PMID:1904010   
 TAS       C            protein    NCBITaxon:9606    20030904    PINC

This annotation has not been in our gene association file 
since the GOA 06/10/2009 human gene association file release.

It would be ideal if the taxon-checking scripts could be run 
over the most recent file releases, so that we can see the 
improvements we're making in our annotation sets, and which 
annotations we still need to fix.


This was due to some extra files in the experimental location that Chris was using. Chris will see about moving this all to beta stage so that we have the real files instead of an experimental set. He will also work with Tony Sawford at GOA to get the tests set up in-house with GOA. Tony has already started working on this after a meeting with Jennifer Deegan.