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For more details see Taxon_Main_Page.

This is a list of the stages that we need to complete in the implementation of the taxon trigger file for the project to be considered complete. Where blockages have been hit, these are noted.

In order:

  • Figure out the theory - Done
  • Agree the theory with the GO Consortium - Done
  • Agree the theory of Union_of terms with Consortium - Not Done
  • Set up the files in scratch and make filtering perl scripts - Done
  • Make trigger lines that will replace all the old sensu synonyms
    • There are 70 terms (out of 557) still to go as at 1st April 2009.
    • Fly terms - In progress
    • Prokaryote terms - In progress
    • Fungal terms - not started
    • Nematoda - not started
    • Other taxa - Mostly done
  • Announce trigger files on GO-Friends and RSS feed.
  • Make triggers available to public
  • Strip out old sensu synonyms from file
  • Write and submit a paper on the subject
  • Add lots more trigger links as they occur to us while editing the file.
  • Ongoing maintenance

In parallel:

  • Set up mechanism for easy editing by all ontology editors - On Hold
    • This will require much better filtering in OBO-Edit, which has been requested.