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Sent this email to the GO list to propose permanent location for the files in cvs.


I am planning to move the taxon check files in cvs from 
go/scratch/go-taxon to a new permanent cvs location:


The file names that I am planning to use are as follows:

* ncbi_taxon_slim.obo - The NCBI taxonomy slim that we 
use in-house for editing purposes. (Currently go/scratch/

* taxon_go_triggers.obo - The list of GO terms and the 
taxonomic groupings that we suggest that they should be 
used for. (Currently go/scratch/go-taxon/TaxonGOLinksFile.obo)

* taxon_violations.txt - The file listing annotations 
that show inconsistencies. (Currently go/scratch/go-taxon/

* taxon_union_terms.obo - The file of in-house taxonomic 
groupings that are unions of two or more NCBI taxonomy 
groupings. (Currently go/scratch/go-taxon/UnionTerms.obo)

* taxon_go_imports.obo - The file that can be called by 
OBO-Edit to automatically load all of the other files for 
editing or browsing. (Currently go/scratch/go-taxon/

These files can currently be viewed at:

If there are no objections to this proposed structure 
then I will implement the change on the 8th February.