Template-able Requests Prior To TG (Retired)

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  • For the TG paper, we need to estimate how many of the SourceForge requests pre-TG0 could be done using a template (i.e. have some automatic input).
  • This includes any SF item where at least one part could be done automatically using an existing TG template or a future TG template (e.g. any request where the definition and term placement is standardized and a cross-product to an internal or external ontology could be made).

Examples of requests for new terms that would be template-able:

x cell migration
x cell differentiation
regulation of x process
regulation of y function
x development/morphogenesis [where x is an anatomical structure]
x biosynthesis [where x is a chemical]
x transport [where x is a chemical or a term from an ontology such as PRO]
response to x [where x is a chemical or a term from an ontology such as PRO]

Generally, modifications to existing terms would NOT be doable by template.

Plan of Action

  • The first TG0 term (GO:2000001) is dated 2010-07-15. Therefore, we'll look at the 6 months preceeding this. We'll divide it up between the Cambridge editors:
  • January & February 2010 Becky
  • March & April 2010 Paola
  • May & June 2010 Jane


Month Total SF entries SF WHOLE template SF PART template SF NOT template Unsure NTRs
JANUARY 2010 152 53 7 92 0 112
FEBRUARY 2010 145 37 5 102 1 73
MARCH 2010 125 24 6 95 0 (combined with April)
APRIL 2010 85 20 2 63 0 133
MAY 2010 (combined with June)
JUNE 2010 154 58 2 94 0 95

  • TOTAL: Total number of SF entries submitted to the tracker for that month.
  • WHOLE: Where ALL of the requests in the SF entry could be done using a template.
  • PART: Where PART of the SF request could be done using a template (e.g. a regulation request) but part would require manual editor input
  • UNSURE: Where you are unsure of whether the request could be done using a template vs manual input. Keep a note of the SF IDs for these, and we can go through them if necessary.
  • NTRs: SF requests where the submitter has requested a new term.