Translation between user terms and developer terms

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This page shows the translation between terms used in the OBO-Edit code and the equivalent terms in the user community.

Term cheat sheet

For formal docs please see javadoc. This is just a set of notes and may be out of date.

Developer phrase User phrase
non-obsoletable term  ?
a property a relationship type
OBOProperty.REPLACES a specific property
OBOSession The full loaded ontology file as held in memory during an editing session.
search aspect as in "have/don't have" menu in search window.
search criterion e.g. ID, name, name or synonym in middle menu
search comparison e.g. contains, equals, starts wtih, ends with
substitutionTags consider and replaced_by tags
obsoletion metadata The union of substitution tags and the textual justification for obsoletion in the comment field.