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  1. Discuss the breakdown of testing (who does what)
  2. Discuss opening membership
  3. Discuss opening AmiGO to wider testing
  4. Web Presence: add decision tree
  5. Discuss Val's mapper question (from email thread)

Previous (Incomplete) Action Items

  • A corrected version of the app note will be sent out (wrong working group)


  • Discussed who will be testing what:
    • BLAST: Pascale
    • Enrich/slim: Val
    • Browse: Donghui
    • Search: Rama/Eurie (Eurie from email)
  • Discussed other people who may be willing to test:
    • Rachel
    • Susan Tweedie
    • Varsha
  • Discussed currect WPWG membership
  • Discussed opening testing to the GO list
  • Discussed Karen's decision tree.

Action Items

  1. Seth add testing guide to wiki
  2. Seth to work out Val's mapper question
  3. Amelia will contact Rachel, Susan, and Varsha about testing
  4. Put decision tree onto future agendas
  5. Amelia will fix what needs fixing with the decision tree in Illustrator
  6. Seth to send out all URLs again for testing