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Conversation with #AmiGO

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(08:32:55 AM) gwg [gwg@apple-0-17-f2-0-e5-68.dhcp.lbl.gov] entered the room.
(08:34:20 AM) pascale [pgaudet@modemcable244.130-202-24.mc.videotron.ca] entered the room.

(08:37:00 AM) gwg: eh bonjour madamoiselle!
(08:37:47 AM) pascale: bonjour!
(08:37:51 AM) pascale: comment allez vous?
(08:38:28 AM) j-lo [jane@cpc1-cmbg1-0-0-cust325.cmbg.cable.ntl.com] entered the room.

(08:38:44 AM) gwg: pas mal, pas mal. Et toi? Tu as passee une bonne journee de ... er... remembrance?
(08:39:06 AM) gwg: bonjour j-lo!
(08:39:13 AM) j-lo: hello
(08:40:33 AM) gwg: are we expecting anyone else?

(08:40:48 AM) sjcarbon: I just sent out a reminder...
(08:40:51 AM) sjcarbon: Mary?
(08:41:00 AM) sjcarbon: SGD is away...
(08:43:25 AM) gwg: jane, can you think of any more tool categories for the tools tool?

(08:43:32 AM) gwg: the existing ones are here...:
(08:43:56 AM) gwg: <a href="http://wiki.geneontology.org/index.php/Tools_standards#New_Tools_Spec">http://wiki.geneontology.org/index.php/Tools_standards#New_Tools_Spec</a>
(08:44:14 AM) gwg: in the 'feature list' bit
(08:45:39 AM) j-lo: what's sw?

(08:45:57 AM) gwg: some kind of software library
(08:46:00 AM) gwg: like go-perl
(08:46:34 AM) j-lo: what about 'data'?
(08:46:48 AM) gwg: data warehouse

(08:47:15 AM) j-lo: and stat?
(08:47:23 AM) gwg: statistical analysis
(08:47:30 AM) j-lo: of any kind?
(08:47:47 AM) gwg: yeah, just anything that does some kind of statistical thing

(08:49:01 AM) j-lo: will there be sort of functional categories for the tools as well as features?
(08:49:44 AM) gwg: the feature list is a bit of a combination of functional categories and features really
(08:49:46 AM) j-lo: so if someone wants to find a tool that does something specific, is there a way to do it?
(08:50:43 AM) gwg: I guess they could look at the feature list and then the tool description for further details

(08:51:30 AM) j-lo: ok. Can't think of any other features off the top of my head - will let you know if I think of any
(08:52:19 AM) gwg: ok, great. We can always see if tool submitters suggest other things and then add them as required
(08:54:34 AM) sjcarbon: Another item on the agenda: synonyms and layout from the email thread...
(08:55:06 AM) gwg: part of that is an ontology issue - what should or shouldn't be in the ontology file

(08:56:50 AM) gwg: it would probably be a good idea to have the syns organised by type, though
(08:57:50 AM) gwg: and then have them expandable like the dbxrefs
(09:01:24 AM) sjcarbon: does this cover the problem?
(09:01:32 AM) gwg: I think so

(09:04:03 AM) gwg: is there anything else that needs to be discussed?
(09:04:48 AM) sjcarbon: Well, I think I want to get more feedback before sending out the ref genome stuff o the full group (Jane's email)
(09:04:49 AM) sjcarbon: .
(09:05:03 AM) pascale: ok, I'll have a look

(09:05:23 AM) pascale: on firefox the display was kind of odd, is that possible?
(09:06:19 AM) sjcarbon: Possible, but I'm mostly developing it on firefox, so it's a little surprising.
(09:06:23 AM) sjcarbon: What is the problem?
(09:07:30 AM) pascale: what should be written in the boxes (gene names) appear only on mouse-over

(09:07:35 AM) pascale: I'll look more closely
(09:07:54 AM) sjcarbon: Great!
(09:08:47 AM) pascale: another thing: have we been able to get more people in this group? we need more testers...
(09:09:14 AM) sjcarbon: I'm not sure where recruitment in right now. Anybody else?

(09:09:22 AM) sjcarbon: in->is
(09:10:27 AM) gwg: I don't know that anything has been actively done to get more people to join... has it?
(09:10:37 AM) gwg: I know we've talked about it a lot
(09:11:22 AM) gwg: amigo just doesn't seem to be popular like OBO-Edit is!

(09:12:00 AM) sjcarbon: maybe we can sucker people in with the "web presence" angle.
(09:12:07 AM) sjcarbon: web 2.0 and all.
(09:12:33 AM) sjcarbon: actually, I think we had a list at one point...lemme take a look

(09:13:21 AM) gwg: I think the main problem is that people have their own in-house browsers/db display tools, so they're not really interested in AmiGO
(09:13:53 AM) sjcarbon: <a href="http://wiki.geneontology.org/index.php/WPWG-20071127">http://wiki.geneontology.org/index.php/WPWG-20071127</a>
(09:14:03 AM) sjcarbon: (best reference I could find)
(09:16:15 AM) pascale: it's just that now we're how many testers? and I am not sure I can do thourough testing right now

(09:16:52 AM) sjcarbon: yeah, we're pretty low. I should probably spend more time on some automated solutions.
(09:16:58 AM) gwg: one tester, I think!
(09:17:06 AM) gwg: and Val, occasionally
(09:17:17 AM) gwg: but you do a great job, Pascale!

(09:17:49 AM) pascale: right!!!
(09:18:03 AM) pascale: I need to do a great job for dictybase sometimes too...
(09:18:47 AM) gwg: are you sure? Check your job description - it might not be required ;)
(09:19:10 AM) pascale: good point, I'll have a look ;)

(09:20:00 AM) pascale: do we have anything else to discuss then?
(09:20:09 AM) sjcarbon: lemme see...
(09:21:32 AM) sjcarbon: did I mention documentation?
(09:21:50 AM) sjcarbon: if not, I'll take a look when I clear the decks a bit.

(09:22:10 AM) sjcarbon: it should be more wiki'ed now, so anyone can join the fun.
(09:22:37 AM) sjcarbon: nothing else for the agenda on the wiki page.
(09:22:41 AM) sjcarbon: anybody else?
(09:22:46 AM) sjcarbon: anything else?

(09:22:59 AM) gwg: not from me!
(09:24:11 AM) sjcarbon: alrighty, see y'all on the mail lists!
(09:24:15 AM) pascale: ok!
(09:24:16 AM) pascale: ciao

(09:24:24 AM) pascale left the room (quit: Quit).
(09:24:27 AM) gwg: cyaz
(09:24:29 AM) gwg left the room (quit: Quit: Goodbye cruel world!).