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Seth, Petra, Stacia, Amelia, Chris, Rama, Jane


~1 hr.


  • Discuss the new site with the news people
  • Who is in the group these day?
  • Discuss the testing assignments for AmiGO (clarifications)
    • GONuts integration
      • Term page
      • GONuts back to AmiGO
    • Installation scripts (install.pl, refresh.pl, version.pl)
    • Homolset
      • Summary page
      • Graphs
        • Dynamic
        • Static
      • Highlights
        • GP search
        • GP details
    • Beta links (if wanted)
      • Beta button
      • Beta layout
    • OpenSearch widget


  • general rolling discussion of switching the newsletter over to a drupal-based system (see transcript for details).

Action Items

  • Rama to send list of WPWGers to Seth
  • Seth to ask Jane to ask managers about the switch
  • Seth to set up pre-production server
  • Seth to add image ability, check calendar
  • Jane to produce draft of "news ontology"

Previous (Incomplete?) Action Items

  • Seth to send a day of voting to the lists
  • Recruit more people (TBD)
  • Check AmiGO help docs (Amelia and Seth)