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Jane, Seth, Pascale, Amelia, Rama




A lot of things have gone up recently.


  • news site
    • ready to go?
      • needs a little testing
      • needs more user accounts
      • will have a geneontology redirection when done
  • GOOSE can be moved to new home
    • needs a quick check
  • TE bug fix
    • should be fine, but another set of eyes would be good
  • amigo labs has new home as well

Action Items

  • Look at the news site and check functionality (Jane)
  • Get rest of news group to submit usernames and passwords to Seth (Jane)
  • take a quick look at GOOSE on new site (Rama)
  • take a quick look at TE on goweb-dev (Rama)
  • get GOOSE redirected (Seth)
  • get news.geneontology.org redirected (no proxypass) (Seth)

Previous (Incomplete?) Action Items

  • Recruit more people (TBD)
  • get rama's rg example queries onto GOOSE example wiki (seth)
  • update schema docs (chris)