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(08:31:48 AM) sjcarbon: low attendance. a few more minutes then...?
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(08:31:51 AM) pascale [pascale@vpn163236.vpn.northwestern.edu] entered the room.

(08:31:57 AM) pascale: hi Seth
(08:32:12 AM) sjcarbon: mornin!
(08:32:32 AM) sjcarbon: jane was just here but...
(08:32:45 AM) gwg [gwg@plutonium.lbl.gov] entered the room.

(08:35:33 AM) sjcarbon: umm...a few more minutes thennn
(08:37:35 AM) j-lo [jane@cpc2-cmbg12-0-0-cust646.cmbg.cable.ntl.com] entered the room.
(08:37:56 AM) j-lo: Hi - sorry I'm late
(08:38:15 AM) sjcarbon: you were here earlier, so that makes up for it.

(08:39:33 AM) sjcarbon: i was hoping for more (so i could press gang them for testing), but let's see what we can do.
(08:39:37 AM) pascale: is that the whole group?
(08:40:20 AM) sjcarbon: naw, but we should soldier on.
(08:40:44 AM) gwg: what about Ben? Is he around at present, or still sick?
(08:40:59 AM) sjcarbon: he's not able to do monday mornings these days.

(08:41:09 AM) gwg: how about Tuesdays?
(08:41:11 AM) pascale: :)
(08:41:12 AM) rama [rama@cider.Stanford.EDU] entered the room.
(08:41:22 AM) rama: hi there

(08:41:25 AM) sjcarbon: hello.
(08:41:43 AM) sjcarbon: first off:
(08:41:43 AM) sjcarbon: new news site <a href="http://go.berkeleybop.org/news4go">http://go.berkeleybop.org/news4go</a>
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(08:41:57 AM) rama: what did I miss?

(08:42:08 AM) sjcarbon: nothing yet...
(08:42:15 AM) rama: okay
(08:43:02 AM) sjcarbon: i'll get jane and the news site later then.
(08:43:33 AM) sjcarbon: next:
(08:43:33 AM) sjcarbon: i've moved GOOSE to a new machine

(08:43:33 AM) sjcarbon: <a href="http://go.berkeleybop.org/cgi-bin/goose/goose">http://go.berkeleybop.org/cgi-bin/goose/goose</a>
(08:44:14 AM) j-lo [jane@cpc2-cmbg12-0-0-cust646.cmbg.cable.ntl.com] entered the room.
(08:44:25 AM) sjcarbon: i haven't made the switch from the old machine to the new machine publicly yet, but i was wondering if somebody could take a quick glance at it.
(08:44:28 AM) rama: okay. is there going to be a redirect from AmiGO or are we updating links on AmiGO

(08:44:45 AM) sjcarbon: i'll be doing the redirect at this end.
(08:45:07 AM) sjcarbon: it should be transparent. for then next release, we'll use the new url.
(08:45:25 AM) rama: okay. sounds good. I take a test it out.
(08:45:30 AM) sjcarbon: thanks!
(08:45:38 AM) rama: I meant i will test it out.

(08:45:50 AM) sjcarbon: that too. also, while were talking about testing...
(08:46:01 AM) sjcarbon: p-val fix on goweb-dev: <a href="http://goweb-dev.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/amigo/term_enrichment">http://goweb-dev.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/amigo/term_enrichment</a>
(08:46:23 AM) rama: what is the fix? (Sorry, wasn't following the emails on this thread)
(08:46:54 AM) rama: or is it on the wiki?

(08:47:00 AM) sjcarbon: there's a small TE fix out on goweb-dev. the displayed p-values were the incorrect ones .
(08:47:09 AM) j-lo: did that guy test the new version seth?
(08:47:19 AM) sjcarbon: yes, we said it was fine.
(08:47:59 AM) sjcarbon: however, the changes i made incidentally touched code, so it would be nice just to have some else use it to make sure i got all of my semicolons in the right places.
(08:48:10 AM) rama: i will test it out.

(08:48:12 AM) sjcarbon: there should be no difference.
(08:48:22 AM) sjcarbon: that's two for you--thanks!
(08:48:42 AM) sjcarbon: and i'm done with my amigo testing requests.
(08:49:05 AM) sjcarbon: also, FYI, there is a new AmiGO labs site: <a href="http://amigo.berkeleybop.org/cgi-bin/amigo/go">http://amigo.berkeleybop.org/cgi-bin/amigo/go</a>

(08:49:40 AM) sjcarbon: all of these urls are the new "canonical" ones.
(08:50:04 AM) sjcarbon: ash and toy are no more.
(08:50:23 AM) pascale: do we need to know this? I suppose all the links are somehwere? I am never sure where to get the most current links
(08:50:50 AM) rama: the AmiGO labs link from the Live AmiGO page goes tothe wiki. It is easy to change the labs URL on the wiki

(08:51:03 AM) sjcarbon: yes, and i've tried to correct them where i find them, but you never know.
(08:51:32 AM) sjcarbon: if anybody sees suspicious link behavior, you can let me know on the list.
(08:52:04 AM) sjcarbon: finally, for the newsy people, there is a new news site: <a href="http://go.berkeleybop.org/news4go">http://go.berkeleybop.org/news4go</a>
(08:52:21 AM) j-lo: so it's all migrated now?

(08:53:11 AM) sjcarbon: mostly--i had to recreate it all from memory though (the old machine was...disappeared). if you could check it out, that would be great. but keep in mind that it is all wired up and very live.
(08:53:22 AM) sjcarbon: i think everything is in there now.
(08:53:30 AM) j-lo: ok - no swearing then ;)
(08:53:54 AM) sjcarbon: if it looks fine, we'll get news.geneontology.org to point at it.
(08:54:04 AM) sjcarbon: (a redirect at the Stanford end.)

(08:54:37 AM) j-lo: I'll get the news group to test it then
(08:54:40 AM) rama: So from the GO homepage, we will have a link to this page?- <a href="http://go.berkeleybop.org/news4go">http://go.berkeleybop.org/news4go</a>
(08:54:47 AM) sjcarbon: also, unless you tell it otherwise, things will go to twitter as well, and there is no removing those.
(08:54:56 AM) j-lo: Rama - yes, it will be integrated with the website

(08:55:04 AM) rama: okay. thanks.
(08:55:25 AM) j-lo: Seth - I'll warn them
(08:55:32 AM) sjcarbon: well, when the redirect is done, it will be news.geneontology.org as the "easy" link, but for the time being, we'll keep the url <a href="http://go.berkeleybop.org/news4go">http://go.berkeleybop.org/news4go</a>
(08:56:05 AM) j-lo: Amelia - any thoughts about how this will work with the front page?

(08:56:11 AM) sjcarbon: also, jane, only you and rachael requested accounts--could you press everybody else to do the same?
(08:56:19 AM) j-lo: will do
(08:56:58 AM) sjcarbon: again, also, it anybody could find a better banner. i could try my havd, but sometimes bad things happen...
(08:57:48 AM) j-lo: can we use the same styling as the website?
(08:58:05 AM) gwg: if we could get a decent GO logo, then a version of that superimposed on some newspaper would be good (I was a-thinkin')

(08:58:12 AM) sjcarbon: styling will take some time and a little PHP.
(08:58:28 AM) sjcarbon: if you login as an editor, you can also try different themes.
(08:58:45 AM) j-lo: ooo
(08:58:47 AM) sjcarbon: we can test them with the editors forst, and then roll it out once we have one that works.
(08:58:49 AM) gwg: I'd like to take a look at the styling if possible

(08:58:59 AM) j-lo: please do
(08:59:31 AM) sjcarbon: given that way that we'll have to update, subclass styling should be the way to go.
(08:59:50 AM) sjcarbon: (drupal detail, please ignore if you're not amelia.)
(09:00:18 AM) j-lo: okay - I have to run I'm afraid
(09:00:29 AM) j-lo: Seth - will get the news group to test

(09:00:32 AM) sjcarbon: okay, thanks! have a look and let me know.
(09:00:41 AM) j-lo: cool. bye!
(09:00:46 AM) rama: bye
(09:00:51 AM) j-lo left the room (quit: Quit: Computer goes to sleep!).
(09:00:52 AM) sjcarbon: bye!

(09:00:56 AM) sjcarbon: (missed)
(09:01:34 AM) gwg: did you know missed (or possibly 'mist') is Swedish for sh*t?
(09:02:00 AM) sjcarbon: polyglots beware. with that, i'm done everything that i wanted to do. anybody else?
(09:02:07 AM) gwg: nope
(09:02:17 AM) pascale: no

(09:02:26 AM) rama: nope.
(09:02:31 AM) sjcarbon: yay! chat's over!
(09:02:36 AM) rama: bye. thanks.
(09:02:37 AM) sjcarbon: thanks everybody!
(09:02:44 AM) gwg: byeeeeeee

(09:02:47 AM) pascale: ciao
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