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Mary, Rama, Ben, Seth, Amelia




  • OpenSearch plugins available, any testers?
    • Announce?
  • How about 1.7 for analytics? (including graphics, improved slimmer output (maybe?))
    • See how tired you all are.
    • IEA testing
  • Verbally pass on GO twitter password.
  • Any GO news related stuff. Everybody okay?
  • What should SOP be for news site software updates? announce? just do it?
    • drupal version
    • module version


  • OpenSearch plugin
    • Everybody tried to install, mixed bag
  • People seem fine with having an immediate release to include analytics
    • The remaining items bumped to the next release

Action Items

  • Make better instructions for OpenSearch plugins (Seth)
  • WPWG to try OpenSearch plugins
  • Find IEA problems in GO::Admin (Seth)
    • Test and release
  • Remainder of agenda to Jane and newsletter group (Seth)

Previous (Incomplete?) Action Items

  • Recruit more people (TBD)
  • get rama's rg example queries onto GOOSE example wiki (seth)
  • update schema docs (chris)