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Seth, Amelia, Rama, Ben




  • Things to start on 1.7 testing
    • Look at the testing page
    • Assign jobs
  • OpenSearch plugins available, any testers?
    • Announce?
  • If news people:
    • Verbally pass on GO twitter password.
    • People might want Google accounts to view analytics.


  • How to make this testing go with limited people (see action items)

Action Items

  • Check analytics file on goweb-dev (Ben)
  • Gather data files for automated testing (Seth and Rama)
  • General look ti make sure that IEAs are okay (Amelia and Rama)

Previous (Incomplete?) Action Items

  • WPWG to try OpenSearch plugins [?]
  • Find IEA problems in GO::Admin (Seth) [IN PROGRESS]
    • Test and release
  • Remainder of agenda to Jane and newsletter group (Seth)
  • Recruit more people (TBD)
  • get rama's rg example queries onto GOOSE example wiki (seth)
  • update schema docs (chris)