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(08:19:30 AM) gwg [gwg@user-11fb6me.dsl.mindspring.com] entered the room.
(08:33:07 AM) rama [rama@cider.Stanford.EDU] entered the room.

(08:33:23 AM) rama: Good morning
(08:33:30 AM) rama: how are you all doing?
(08:35:18 AM) rama: Seth- are you able to read my comments
(08:35:22 AM) gwg: not too bad, you?
(08:35:29 AM) rama: good, thanks.

(08:36:05 AM) rama: Amelia- heard about your bike accident(s). are you all recovered?
(08:36:46 AM) gwg: just about, thank you!
(08:37:11 AM) sjcarbon: rama: which comments?
(08:37:18 AM) gwg: Teeth are still wonky, but I think I look more english now ;)
(08:37:35 AM) Ben [Ben@173-117-4-154.pools.spcsdns.net] entered the room.

(08:37:59 AM) Ben: I thought it was a call today?
(08:38:48 AM) sjcarbon: WPWG is usually chat.
(08:39:15 AM) rama: gwg- glad to hear you are doing better
(08:39:29 AM) Ben: well lucky for me blackberry has irc client
(08:39:37 AM) rama: ben- cool

(08:39:40 AM) gwg: adium now does IRC too
(08:40:39 AM) sjcarbon: Ben: I'm having trouble remembering if I sent you some email (I couldn't find it in my sent box)--did you get something from me about about adding a file to the goweb-dev to activate analytics?
(08:42:02 AM) Ben: yes I think I did it. Maybe only on dev though?
(08:42:30 AM) sjcarbon: okay...i'll keep looking for it--i was thinking that i was going nuts.
(08:43:32 AM) sjcarbon: rama: which comments were you referring to?

(08:43:37 AM) Ben: I will check when I get in
(08:43:38 AM) rama: no worries
(08:46:22 AM) rama: I said good morning earlier and did not see you or gwg respond- was thinking i was not connected in the right channel or something...but all good now.
(08:46:26 AM) sjcarbon: anyways, for testing in this release, i very much doubt we'll be getting many more people than are here to actively test. i think we should try and get the automated testing working as well as we can and just do some checks to make sure that the IEAs don't appear to be off.
(08:46:57 AM) sjcarbon: (rama--sorry, i was off getting some tea...)

(08:50:14 AM) sjcarbon: if that sounds alright, rama, i'll contact you about getting some test input for term enrichment and make sure that the new graphing stuff doesn't break.
(08:50:51 AM) sjcarbon: ben, if you add that analytics file, i can test to see if traffic is being picked-up properly.
(08:51:50 AM) Ben: I am pretty sure I added it.
(08:52:29 AM) sjcarbon: according to the debugging embedded in the page, it can't see the file.
(08:52:32 AM) rama: okay

(08:52:37 AM) sjcarbon: it could be a permission issue as well.
(08:52:46 AM) sjcarbon: rama-thanks
(08:53:48 AM) sjcarbon: ben--if not, if you could send me a directory listing (ls -AlF) of the amigo cgi directory, that would be helpful.
(08:53:55 AM) Ben: Ok maybe in wrong dir... Cgi-bin right?
(08:55:09 AM) Ben: Ok

(08:55:11 AM) sjcarbon: it should be the value of the config.pl variable AMIGO_CGI_ROOT_DIR
(08:57:28 AM) sjcarbon: amelia and rama, could you both just do a little lookaround on goweb-dev and make sure that the IEAs appear? I've checked browse, gp listings, and term enrichment myself, but it would be helpful to get a biologist's eyes on it.
(08:57:39 AM) gwg: ok, will do
(08:57:44 AM) rama: is it possible to exclude IEAs from the GO tools (enrichment/mapper etc)
(08:58:09 AM) rama: (may be it does already- I haven't checked!)

(08:59:11 AM) sjcarbon: evcode wasn't a filter option, but we could look at putting that back in.
(09:03:13 AM) sjcarbon: i'm okay here--if everybody's good, we can call it a meeting.
(09:03:13 AM) sjcarbon: anything else?
(09:03:34 AM) gwg: nope, not from me
(09:04:18 AM) sjcarbon: going once, going twice...

(09:04:27 AM) rama: gone
(09:04:37 AM) sjcarbon: okay--i'll see you all on the email lists!
(09:04:41 AM) rama: bye
(09:04:42 AM) sjcarbon: bye!
(09:04:43 AM) gwg: cya!

(09:04:49 AM) gwg left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).