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Ben, Kalpana, Seth, Rama, Jane, Chris, Amelia




  • Meet Kalpana
  • People might want Google accounts to view analytics
    • AmiGO
    • GO?
  • Quickly show testing space
  • AmiGO 1.7 announcement finally: IEAs
  • OpenSearch widgets--they're in
  • Light talk about AmiGO 1.8?
  • If any news people:
    • Anybody still need the twitter password?
    • Everybody understand the workflow?
    • Facebook?


  • Pretty much all of the above except the OpenSearch widgets and Facebook.

Action Items

  • Seth to send gmail info to Ben so he can ask Mike to add Seth to GA (Seth and Ben)
  • Somebody to look at getting GA onto the wiki (???)
  • Add a better cross-reference (logs and files) to the amigo testing (Seth) [DONE]
  • goweb-dev to public (Ben and Kalpana) [DONE]
    • "Official" 1.7 announcement (Seth) [DONE]
  • See if the news people would like a tutorial (Seth and Jane)

Previous (Incomplete?) Action Items

  • Recruit more people (TBD)
  • Update schema docs (chris)