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  • Tuesday December 22 2009, 08:42


sjcarbon: bye!

pascale: have a good day !

sjcarbon: you too!

pascale: ciao

  • Tuesday January 26 2010, 08:31 -



sjcarbon: Sorry, this is a little buggy at my end. Anybody else on?

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ben: hi guys

sjcarbon: hey.

sjcarbon: let's just give it another couple of minutes to see who shows up.

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  • 08:36 -

(pasc has joined the room)

pasc: hi

sjcarbon: hey.

pasc: it's quiet again today?

sjcarbon: sure seems quiet.

sjcarbon: Either way, the phylogenic trees that are in PAINT are starting to have a cousin in AmiGO. Preview:

sjcarbon: http://amigo.berkeleybop.org/cgi-bin/amigo/amigo_exp?mode=ntree

sjcarbon: This is mostly alien code, so we're still seeing what we can do with it, but it looks hopeful.

ben: cool

pasc: I could access yesterday, hold on

pasc: *could not

  • 08:41 -

pasc: very neat

pasc: so is that ALL panther trees?

sjcarbon: all the ones grabbed by Ed recently anyways.

sjcarbon: He's still working on autosyncing with them.

sjcarbon: But it looks like we're getting close to moving from neat to useful.

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sjcarbon: Updates as we work on it can be found there.

pasc: I suppse we should show that to the ref genome group - we have a meeting Feb 9th, would you be ready/willing to show that ?

sjcarbon: Sure. Hopefully there will be more by then.

pasc: great

ben: they are not very interpretable, unless you happen to have a lot of IDs memorized. Or pather tree names

pasc: right

pasc: could the IDs be hyperlinked?

ben: PTHR24600 ?

ben: I would say they should have little baloon helps

sjcarbon: Everything will will friendly before this is a public tool.

  • 08:47 -

pasc: and (ideally) species name shown? (maybe the 5 letter Swiss-Prot species abbreviation)

sjcarbon: This is a demo of the tree, not the interface.

pasc: ok

ben: yeah, sure, but why show it RG group?

sjcarbon: We'll see how much more ground we can cover before then.

pasc: well we can show it to anyone, but I know the curators in the ref genome group woul duse this

sjcarbon: Anyways, there have been complaints in the past about being surprised by new features. Just want to make sure that this does sneak up on anybody.

sjcarbon: I guess the only other item that we have that can be done then is the question about getting Google Analytics onto the GO wiki.

ben: for some reason I am not sure GA plays nice with mediawiki

ben: but maybe I am just misremembering

sjcarbon: I poked around and found a (seemingly) reputable plugin, but I have not installed it myself anywhere.

sjcarbon: There may be other troubles in there.

  • 08:52 -

sjcarbon: I'll take a swing at it with one of our wikis.

ben: I'll talk to gail about it, can you email me a link?

sjcarbon: Sure, I'll do that right after the chat.

sjcarbon: I think that's all of the points that can be covered with people here. Does anybody else have any items?

pasc: no

ben: nope.

ben: wait, i lied

sjcarbon: ...

ben: rama suggested moving the golite (amigo) db load back a day or two so that it will be finished loading by monday mornong

ben: although now that I think about it, we might have to adjust the timing of the filtering script. load should go after filtering (duh)

ben: maybe there is a sweet spot.

  • 08:57 -

sjcarbon: Kinda neat to come in on Monday with a fresh GO.

ben: I think that was the idea

ben: load currently takes 36 hrs. Not sure when the filtering starts/finishes, I'll talk to mike about it today.

sjcarbon: I can't think of anything that might go sproing, but Chris has a better idea of what all is involved.

ben: well, I'll post a suggestion to sw group

sjcarbon: cool, thanks.

sjcarbon: Nothing else then anybody?

ben: guess not

sjcarbon: i'm good.

pasc: ok! talk to you later then

sjcarbon: Thanks for coming out y'all. See you soon.

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ben: bye

sjcarbon: bye.

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  • 09:05 -

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