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ben, jane, amelia, seth, pascale




  • Update/progress/comments on term details page
  • Update on Sven's work


Term Details

A version with three different graphs (only one will be there in the end): [1]

If anybody has a favorite convoluted area of the graph, let us know during the meeting.

For fun, the all tab version of the term details page: [2]


And here is a version of Sven's work: [3]


  • People like the "compactness" of QG, other fautls can be overlooked
    • People can live with non-uniform graphics
  • Problems with production's queries
    • Ben to try making sessions non-sticky and take load off of goweb2
    • Seth to look at queries and see if they can be nipped early on

Action Items

  • Check to see if GV can be made more "compact"
    • If not, fix QG caching and go with that
  • Send out "final" links

Previous and Ongoing Action Items

  • Somebody to look at getting GA onto the wiki (???)
  • See if the news people would like a tutorial (Seth and Jane)
  • Recruit more people (TBD)
  • Update schema docs (chris)