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Ben, Seth, Rama, Amelia




  • Update on Sven's work and AmiGO 1.8 progress (see wiki)
  • Discuss testing
    • Overview of automated
    • Are there any meetings in the next week or so? Will people be available for testing?



And here is a version of Sven's work: [1]

AmiGO 1.8

Link for AmiGO 1.8: [2]

Link for AmiGO testing guide: [3]


  • Where are testers in the next couple of weeks?
    • Largely unknown, but Rama will be available
  • Discussion of testing.
  • Discussion of refresh.pl
    • A tour into what RG data will be needed

Action Items

  • Seth to contact WPWG over email and check on testers.
  • Ben to look at RG cache regeneration timing issues.
  • Rama to rally everybody for next RG meeting to talk about necessary displays

Previous and Ongoing Action Items

  • Somebody to look at getting GA onto the wiki (???)
  • See if the news people would like a tutorial (Seth and Jane)
  • Recruit more people (TBD)
  • Update schema docs (chris)