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- Tuesday July 27 2010, 08:16 -
- Zenbitz has joined the room
- 08:29 -
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sjcarbon: Ben, did you say that Stewart was on vacation this week? Or was that last week?

ben: he's back. He's going to install the needed modules tomorrow

sjcarbon: Okay, cool.

sjcarbon: Let me know if there are any hangs or problems with it. Especially installing using the new scripts.

sjcarbon: There's a little new stuff in there too.

ben: hmm... given the time contraints, maybe we should be on irc wed afternoon / thurs

sjcarbon: That's fine for me? Just to hang out in case there are any questions?

- 08:34 -

ben: yes

sjcarbon: Sounds good.

sjcarbon: Lemme find a post-it...

cjm: What is the estimated release date of 1.8?

- rama has joined the room

rama: hello

rama: sorry i am late

ben: chris - I am out for the first 2 weeks of august. So, sometime after that

sjcarbon: well test over that time.

cjm: Seth, the link on the agenda page "New term details with improved graph view" seems to go to the old term details and the graph view link is borken

cjm: http://amigo.berkeleybop.org/cgi-bin/amigo/term_details?term=GO:0022008

cjm: http://amigo.berkeleybop.org/cgi-bin/amigo/visualize?inline=false&subset=GO:0022008&mode=subset

ben: if the install goes smoothly, we should try to do some quick testing thurs/friday this week and maybe get a turn around in before I leave

sjcarbon: chris: that's just a hanging link until ben has is on testing.

rama: i am around. I can test

sjcarbon: chris: where is this link again?

- 08:42 -

sjcarbon: Possible loss of Chris. I'll see if there is a problem later.

sjcarbon: Rama, do you know of any other commitments testers might have over the next couple of weeks?

sjcarbon: That's assuming you're not our only tester :-)

rama: nothing going on as far as I know

rama: I will find out who can test

sjcarbon: Thanks!

sjcarbon: Ben:

sjcarbon: When you put up the testing version, I'd also like to aim the auto-tester at it and try it under a similar load to what the main site gets.

sjcarbon: Would this be a problem, or look like an attack from here?

ben: ok. it should have the regular go-dev url

ben: hmmm... send a mail to gail and stuart (go-admin is fine)... I don't know if Stanford IT will notice

sjcarbon: Okay, will do.

- 08:48 -

sjcarbon: Does anybody have anything else? I think this is all that can be done with the people we have.

rama: guess so

ben: kk

sjcarbon: Okay--thanks for coming out!

rama: thanks

rama: bye

sjcarbon: bye