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A collection of ideas for reinvigorating the GO website.


More pix / icons to make things look less dull? e.g. icons for each section - docs, tools, about, projects, etc.?

Getting current

More "new" content to keep things looking dynamic.

  • RSS of daily ontology changes (in html, not the CVS diff)
  • Links to latest reports from various (ontology dev, annotation, etc.) groups?
  • Conferences that people are doing GO talks at?

Teaching Resources

Lots of this stuff is very out of date and probably irrelevant. There's also stuff on the wiki that hasn't been added to this list. What to do?

  • get people to go through the stuff in the teaching resources section. Remove anything where the author has left?
  • have keywords for each presentation / poster / talk / whatever.
  • would be good to filter by keyword / search / etc., but may be more hassle than is worth. Would need to see download stats for the resources.

Extraneous Info

  • The GO People page. Please can we get rid of it?!


The documentation section needs a thorough overhaul and material from the GO Nuts wiki integrated.

  • Get docs off GONUTS
  • Split out 'curator' docs and docs for general users?
  • Ontology-specific docs: current organization is overwhelming
    • Split into separate pages for each section (e.g. cell cycle; transport and transporters; etc.)
    • Possibly link to GO slims - e.g. each GO slim term has docs?
    • add docs links in AmiGO
  • Add 'related pages' links to each page of documentation
  • keywords for each documentation page/section?

Would be useful to have some way of linking the documentation to the ontology, so that then the 'related pages' could be generated automatically, e.g. through cross-products or ontology links.


  • Investigate options for adding comments. Maybe a blog type affair would be a simple solution?
  • Stats for most frequently used tools (from GA)?

(add link to the other wiki page about the tools)