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|Varsha Khodiyar
|Varsha Khodiyar
|Process-centric annotation can lead to large-scale ontology development
|Cardiovascular Gene Ontology Annotation Initiative
|Yasmin Alam-Faruque
|Yasmin Alam-Faruque

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The 3rd GO annotation camp (3 days) will be held from June 16-18, 2010 (Wednesday-Friday).


This annotation camp will be focused on updating and refining skills of existing GO biocurators including new GO biocurators in existing annotation groups and including the Swiss-Prot curation team. We hope members of each MOD will be represented.

  • Deliverables: (1) final annotation documentation for each of the three annotation topics.
    • There will be a special emphasis on the reference genome project. Deliverable: (2) annotation propagation rules for the reference genome project.


Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics (SIB)
Centre Médical Universitaire (CMU)
1, rue Michel Servet
CH-1211 Geneva 4


Register by entering your name in the Attendees section below (2010_GO_camp_Meeting_Logistics#Attendees)

  • Registration fee: 120 CHF, that will cover : 3 lunches (CMU cafeteria, full choice, no restriction), 6 coffee breaks and the diner that will be organized on the Thursday June 17th.
  • As of April 6, 2010, that's $112 USD, and 74 GBP. We suggest you pay in Swiss Francs if possible.

Lodging Information

Hotel Adriatica Hotel Adriatica
21 rue Sautter
1205 Genève - SUISSE
Tel: +41-22-703 53 83
Fax: +41-22-703 53 88

15 single rooms from 15-19 june 2010 (04 nights)
Special price CMU 2010, single room with breakfast: CHF 190.00 (instead of CHF 256.00).
Special price CMU 2010, double room, double occupancy with breakfast: CHF 265.00 (instead de CHF 367.00).
this offer is valid until the 31 of March 2010
3 min. walking distance from the SIB

Hotel Le Prince Hotel le Prince
16 rue des Voisins
1205 Genève - SUISSE
Tel: +41-22-807 05 00
Fax: +41-22-320 28 70

4 rooms left from the 15-19 june 2010 (04 nights)
2 double rooms: CHF 130.00
2 twin rooms: CHF 115.00
10 min. walking distance from the SIB

Hotel Les Hauts de Rive Hotel Les Hauts-de-Rive
48, Boulevard des Tranchées
1206 Genève - SUISSE
Tel: +41-22-346 29 33
Fax: +41-22-346 22 11

6 single/double rooms left from the 15-19 june 2010 (04 nights)
double rooms with breakfast: CHF 150.00
single rooms with breakfast: CHF 120.00
11 min. walking distance from the SIB

Maps and Transportation

How to find the CMU

If you arrive by plane (Cointrin airport)
You will have to take only one bus. The bus stop is in front of the airport on the check-in level. You must have your ticket before getting onto the bus. Beware, the ticket inspectors are heartless! There are machines at every bus stop. Only one ticket is needed: choose the option "tout genève" (cost: CHF 3.- or € 1.90.-, you need the exact change).
Geneva Airport is now offering a free public transport tickets valid for 80 minutes to new arrivals. This free ticket can be taken from a machine in the baggage claim area. This ticket is only valid with your flight ticket to prove that you have arrived on that day.
So, take BUS NUMBER 5 (direction: "HÔPITAL"). The bus ride takes about 30 minutes. Get off at the bus terminus ("HÔPITAL").

All visitors staying at a hotel, can benefit from the Geneva Transport Card, with no additional cost. This personal and non-transferable pass is established upon the visitor’s check-in in the hotel, enabling its holder to use of the entire public transportation network without restriction (bus, train and boat), with validity for the entire duration of his (her) stay including the departure day.

Geneva map (Adress: 1, rue Michel Servet)

To do

Welcome to Geneva

The annual massive, city-wide festival which spans 3 days, with hundreds of musical performances will take place on the 18-20 of June. You can find a short article on the last year festival here: Geneva's Fête de la Musique 2009.

Fête de la Musique 2010 The program is not yet available.


The agenda can be found here: 2010_GO_camp_Meeting_Agenda Note that the agenda is not yet finalized.


Name Organization Arrival Date/Time to Airport Departure Date/Time from Airport
Rachael Huntley GOA June 15 16.35 June 18 20.05
Yasmin Alam-Faruque GOA June 15 16.35 June 18 20.05
Pascale Gaudet dictyBase June 14th - early
Susan Tweedie FlyBase June 15 16.35 June 18 20.05
Ruth Lovering BHF-UCL June 15 19:55 June 18 20.05
Rama Balakrishnan SGD, Stanford University
Mike Cherry SGD, Stanford University
Suzi Lewis Berkeley
Chris Mungall Berkeley
Judy Blake Jackson Laboratory
Li Ni Jackson Laboratory
Varsha Khodiyar BHF-UCL
Paul Thomas Panther
Michele Magrane UniProt, EBI
Rebecca Foulger UniProt, EBI June 15 16.35 June 18 20.05
Cecilia Arighi UniProt/PRO, PIR
Val Wood PomBase

Attendees from Swiss-Prot/SIB groups

Name Organization Arrival Date/Time to Airport Departure Date/Time from Airport
Alan Bridge Swiss-Prot
André Stutz Swiss-Prot
Andrea Auchincloss Swiss-Prot
Anne Estreicher Swiss-Prot
Anne Niknejad Vital-IT
Arnaud Gos Swiss-Prot
Bernd Roechert Swiss-Prot
Catherine Rivoire Swiss-Prot
Chantal Hulo Swiss-Prot
Damien Lieberherr Swiss-Prot
Elisabeth Coudert Swiss-Prot
Emmanuel Boutet Swiss-Prot
Florence Jungo Swiss-Prot
Frederic Bastian SIB
Ghislaine Argoud-Puy Calipho
Guillaume Keller Swiss-Prot
Isabelle Cusin Calipho
Ivo Pedruzzi Swiss-Prot
Janet James Swiss-Prot
Kristian Axelsen Swiss-Prot
Lionel Breuza Swiss-Prot
Livia Famiglietti Swiss-Prot
Madelaine Moinat Swiss-Prot
Marc Feuermann Swiss-Prot
Marie-Claude Blatter Swiss-Prot
Michael Tognolli Swiss-Prot
Michel Schneider Swiss-Prot
Nadine Gruaz-Gumowski Swiss-Prot
Oksana Riba Vital-IT
Patrick Masson Swiss-Prot
Paula Duek Roggli Calipho
Philippe Lemercier Swiss-Prot
Sébastien Moretti Vital-IT
Serenella Ferro Rojas Swiss-Prot
Shyamala Sundaram Swiss-Prot
Silvia Braconi Quintaje Swiss-Prot
Silvia Jimenez Swiss-Prot
Sylvain Poux Swiss-Prot
Ursula Hinz Swiss-Prot

Remote Attendees

Name Organization email (needed to set up your remote access) Time Zone
Lakshmi Pillai AgBase pillai@cvm.msstate.edu
Fiona McCarthy AgBase fmccarthy@cvm.msstate.edu
Donghui Li TAIR donghui@stanford.edu PST
Michelle Giglio Institute for Genome Sciences (IGS) mgiglio@som.umaryland.edu
Stan Laulederkind Rat Genome Database slaulederkind@mcw.edu CDT
Emily Dimmer UniProtKB-GOA edimmer@ebi.ac.uk BST
Doug Howe ZFIN dhowe@zfin.org PST

Posters being presented at the camp

Name Organisation Title of Poster
Varsha Khodiyar BHF-UCL Cardiovascular Gene Ontology Annotation Initiative
Yasmin Alam-Faruque EBI-GOA The Renal Gene Ontology Annotation Initiative


Funding for this meeting is provided in part by the Gene Ontology Consortium (NIH), the European Network of Excellence ENFIN as well as the KGF (Kontaktgruppe für Forschungsfragen), representing: BASF, Merck Sorono, Novartis, Roche and Syngenta

ENFIN syngenta BASF Roche Merck Novartis

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