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The 3rd GO annotation camp (3 days) will be held from June 16-18, 2010 (Wednesday-Friday).


This annotation camp will be focused on updating and refining skills of existing GO biocurators including new GO biocurators in existing annotation groups and including the Swiss-Prot curation team. We hope members of each MOD will be represented.

  • Deliverables: (1) final annotation documentation for each of the three annotation topics.
    • There will be a special emphasis on the reference genome project. Deliverable: (2) annotation propagation rules for the reference genome project.


Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics (SIB), Geneva, Switzerland.


Not yet open.

Lodging Information

To be announced.


To be announced.


Structure: There will be three (3) ‘focused annotation sessions’ where specific annotation issues will be discussed. Suggestion for discussion topics should be added to the GO camp agenda: 2010_GO_camp_Meeting_Logistics#Suggestions_for_annotation_issues_to_be_discussed

The agenda is not yet finalized.

Suggestions for annotation issues to be discussed

  1. binding (binding working group would like to finalize the annotation documentation)
  2. annotation of complexes
  3. use of regulation
  4. use of column 16
  5. process beginning/end (maybe in the context of the new signaling terms)
  6. response to terms, how will these relate to signaling terms and to final cellular effect

Other suggestions for agenda items

  1. What is the bottle neck for manual annotations (with experimental evidence)? How can we step up manual curation? (Rama)
  2. How are the various annotating groups keeping with all the ontology development/changes (new relationships specifically)? (Rama)


Name Organization Arrival Date/Time to Airport Departure Date/Time from Airport

Remote Attendees

We will try to provide Webex and Telephone Conferencing.

Name Organization email (needed to set up your remote access)

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