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Project Personel January February March April May June July August September October November December
Chemical terms in GO Harold, David, Tanya, Jane, Chris Begin mining definitions of MF terms to make cross-products for reactants and substrates Commit the enzyme def cross-products
Internal Cross Products David, Tanya, Jane, Chris BPxCC occurs_in only BPxMF has_part relationships BPxBP multi-organism processes MFxCC unfolds_in/results_in_binding_of
Function-Process Links David, Tanya Finish off enzymes Begin metabolic pathways
Signaling overhaul Jen, Becky, Alex, Sandra, Peter, Ruth and others define FUNCTION signaling molecule terms Redefine receptor terms and standardise parentage/children
PAMGO collaboration Jane, PAMGO ongoing
GO reasoner-based quality control David, Tanya, Chris Automated QC on regulates terms (implemented) Automated QC on CCxCC cross-products (implemented) Automated QC on BPxBP cross-products Abduced links reports
SF tracker items Everyone, Jane coordinates
Protein complexes in GO Harold
Neurological processes TBD
Protein vs peptidyl vs protein amino acid modification Becky and others Connect up, and define, peptidyl vs protein vs protein AA terms