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Project Personel January February March April May June July August September October November December
Chemical terms in GO Harold, David, Tanya, Jane, Chris Meet in Hinxton to plan out strategy (DONE) Manually Curate GO implicit ontology (GOCHE)(DONE) Meet in CA to refine GOCHE, Align GOCHE with CHEBI (4 days) Implement GOCHE in GO Submit paper about aligning chemical representations in 2 ontologies
Internal Cross Products David, Tanya, Jane, Chris BPxBP regulates set committed (DONE) CCxCC (part_of only set committed)(DONE) BPxBP (part_of only set committed)
Function-Process Links David, Tanya Transporter activity- transport (DONE) Transcription (David & Karen) Catalytic activity-metabolic process
Generic GO slim Overhaul Jane, Val First revision (DONE) testing Final release
IMG mapping needs personnel
Taxon Checks Jane, Jen,Chris First version of file (DONE) Paper written (DONE)
Virus-related term overhaul Michelle, Jane, Candace, Ariane Toussaint, Brenley, Alex & others Draft terms finished (DONE) Terms integrated in to main ontology Virus annotation guidelines written Paper written
Signaling overhaul Becky, Alex, Sandra, Peter, Ruth and others New high-level structure (DONE) Clean-up of lower level terms
Transcription & transcription factor activity overhaul David, Karen Preliminary analysis (DONE) Karen attends transcription meeting in Spain (DONE) Ontology revisions
Kidney Development David, Doug, Becky, Yasmin and community experts Meeting with experts (DONE) Generic kidney terms in GO (DONE) metanephros terms (DONE) pronephros terms (DONE) mesonephros terms fly renal terms submit paper
PAMGO collaboration Jane, PAMGO ongoing
GO reasoner-based quality control David, Tanya, Chris Automated QC on regulates terms (implemented) Automated QC on CCxCC cross-products (implemented) Automated QC on BPxBP cross-products Abduced links reports
SF tracker items Everyone, Jane coordinates
Cognition and Sensory perception David, Tanya, community experts Initial meetings with experts from The Jackson Laboratory (DONE) Meeting with MGI phenotype group to coordinate effort
Protein complexes in GO Harold
Neurological processes TBD