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(Set objectives for next period (Paul S) Tuesday 1140)
(Set objectives for next period (Paul S) Tuesday 1140)
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= discuss / decide on tag for Logo competition
= discuss / decide on tag for Logo competition
= Set objectives for next period (Paul S) Tuesday 1140 =
= Set objectives for next period (Paul S) Tuesday 1140 =
*discuss / decide on tag for Logo competition

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2012 Caltech GOC Meeting Logistics

Follow Link to meeting minutes as a Google Doc

Today's wireless:

  • name: NETGEAR49(-5G)
  • pass: rockyrabbit990

MONDAY: Millikin Library; coffee at 0830; snack at 1500; lunch on your own (Chandler Cafeteria)

Biological relevance - Paul S - Sunday 10:30

024 Beckman Behavioral Biology Building; [coffee at 09:30; lunch 1at 1230]

Web - Cherry - Sunday afternoon

Biological Representation - Paul T - Sunday aft - Monday morning

  • Management of Ontology Development
  • Incorporation of External ontologies (David and Jane)
    • CHEBI (David) File:Chemicals Caltech.pdf done Sunday afternoon
    • Report on migration of NIF subcellular AO to GO-CC (Jane)
    • Rhea - importing enzymatic reactions (Jane)
    • BFO 2.0 - (Chris)
      • do we comply with BFO and split part_of into 2 relations? Need 'official' signoff of GO's stance
  • Extensions to the GO annotation model
    • LEGO data model, an 'annoton' (Chris and Paul) pptx
      • For prototyping: Protege plug-in for annotation (Heiko)
      • Current examples (Kimberly and David)
    • col. 16 extensions (Paul, Chris, Jane, Rachael)
      • GPAD releases
      • relationship to LEGO

Project infrastructure - Suzi - Monday afternoon

  • CAT
    • Architecture, services (Suzi) File:CAT-webservices.pdf
    • protein2go introduction (Rachael)
    • WormBase experience with protein2go (Kimberly)
    • Wormbase CC tool (Kimberly)
    • Migration plans (Suzi) File:P2go transition.pdf
      • Short term: towards protein2go
      • Longer term: capabilities to support LEGO
  • Enrichment (and other) tool improvement plans (Chris)
    • Standardize interface to tools & allow plug in play eg via Galaxy pptx
    • Promote tools that provide access to latest GO, work with those that don't. See GO Tools Registry
    • Getting enrichment tools to leverage ontology and annotation improvements
  • PAINT (Paul T)
    • SwissProt strategy for protein family annotation (Alan)
    • PAINT user guide (Huaiyu)
    • PAINT annotation progress

Annotation Production - Judy Tuesday morning

    • Annotation (Mike)
    • Filtering of taxid that are not supported. (Mike)
      • Have removed JCVI, Gramene, GeneDB P. falciparum, GeneDB tsetse, Pseudocap
      • Propose to remove CGD, AspDB, GeneDB L. major, GeneDB T. brucei, and any other projects that *DO NOT* include annotations from GOA.
      • We filter out IEA annotations that are older than 1 year. Should we be filtering out ISS say after 2 years?
  • Term requests (Judy/Jane)
    • Current rate of additions & rate of clearance
  • Standard processing of uploaded annotations
  • Redundant/non-redundant annotations (Rama will summarize what was discussed during Annotation Calls)
  • Provenance of evidence (Rama)
  • Current ontology development and annotation topics on the table (one slide each (Judy)
    • cardio conduction (Ruth)
    • apoptosis (Paola)
    • cell cycle (Val or Judy)
    • tRNA Modification (Harold)
    • review of approach, staging (Judy)
  • Ontology development workflow and coordination (Paul and Judy)
    • Strategy for prioritization of ontology development topics (Paul S and Paul)
      • Emily summation of needed areas aka textbook
      • Information content approach
  • BioCreative Challenge IV - GO Triage and Annotation (Kimberly, James, Donghui, Judy)
  • Submissions and outreach to outside groups
    • Web page with instructions (Rama)
    • Pulling in external annotations
    • Future work - who has been in contact? any active outreach?

= discuss / decide on tag for Logo competition

Set objectives for next period (Paul S) Tuesday 1140

  • discuss / decide on tag for Logo competition