2012 GOC Meeting Caltech

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Biological relevance - Paul S

  • GO as a biological reference (critique?)
  • Objectives for next quarter (or until next meeting?)
  • Objectives for this meeting
    • set quarterly objectives process

Biological Representation - Paul T

  • Management of Ontology Development
    • Jira tracking system (Jane)
    • Automated ontology checks Jenkins (Chris)
    • Term Genie Demo (Heiko)
  • Incorporation of External ontologies (David and Jane)
    • Report on migration of NIF subcellular AO to GO-CC (Jane)
    • BFO 2.0 - do we comply with BFO and split part_of into 2 relations? (Chris)
    • CHEBI (David)
  • Ontology development by topics (Judy to lead discussion)
    • Current topics on the table (one slide each)
      • cardio (Ruth)
      • apoptosis (Paola)
      • cell cycle (Val or Judy)
      • tRNA Modification (Harold)
    • Strategy for prioritization of ontology development topics (Judy)
      • Information content approach aka Gil
      • Emily summation of needed areas aka textbook
  • Objectives for next quarter (or until next meeting?)

Project infrastructure - Suzi

  • CAT
    • Architecture, services (Chris)
    • WormBase experience with protein2go (Kimberly)
    • Wormbase CC tool (Kimberly)
  • LEGO status: current model and how it relates to col. 16 extensions
    • 'annoton' data model (Chris and Paul)
    • Protege plug-in for annotation (Heiko)
    • Current examples (Kimberly and David)
    • col. 16 extensions and LEGO (Paul, Chris, Jane, Rachael)
    • PAINT annotation progress
  • Objectives for next quarter (or until next meeting?)
  • Enrichment tool improvement plans
    • Standardize interface to tools & allow plug in play eg via Galaxy
    • Promote tools that provide access to latest GO, work with those that don't. See GO Tools Registry
    • Getting enrichment tools to leverage ontology and annotation improvements

Annotation Production - Judy

  • Annotation Production
    • volume of annotations
    • backlog of papers selected
  • Term requests
    • Current rate of additions & rate of clearance
    • TermGenie
  • GO Help
    • Move to JIRA
    • any new approaches?
    • biostars etc
    • Tweeting?
    •  %of questions we can answer with available tools?
  • Submissions from outside groups
    • Web page with instructions (Rama)
    • Future work here... (who has been in contact? any active outreach?)
  • Automated annotation production
  • Project-led GOC annotation efforts (Paul S)
    • New reporting page
    • Observations/Comments
  • Move to SVN
  • Objectives for next quarter (or until next meeting?)

Web - Cherry

  • Licensing issues
  • User interfaces
    • GO-Mine/Enrichment
    • AmiGO
    • QuickGO
    • Galaxy?
    • New logo (just tell us)
  • GO Website
    • Need a webmaster?
    • Switch to Drupal? (Seth)
  • Dissemination
    • Publication plans
    • Meetings to attend
    • New training material
  • GO Tools Registry
  • GO & Linked Data
  • Objectives for next quarter (or until next meeting?)