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(Literature Annotation)
(Biological Knowledge)
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= Biological Knowledge =  
= Biological Knowledge =  
*GPAD status
*GPAD status
* OE/Protege progress and status
*[[Transition to OWL]] progress and status
*ChEBI status (submitted?)
*ChEBI status (submitted?)

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The 2013 GO Consortium meeting will be held 11-13 April, in Cambridge, UK, immediately following Biocuration 2013.


  • Update on Galaxy
  • New Web Site (Drupel)
  • Platinum standard data sets for enrichment analyses
  • GOMine

Biological Knowledge

  • GPAD status
  • Transition to OWL progress and status
  • ChEBI status (submitted?)
  • LEGO?
  • Responsiveness of ontology changes to annotation needs
  • Phenotype plans
  • Cell cycle report

Holistic Annotation

  • PAINT progress
  • Jenkins for QC

Literature Annotation

  • apoptosis (re)annotation effort
  • submissions from outside groups
  • production statistic reports

See also

Action Item Review and Reports