2016 Geneva GOC Meeting Agenda

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Suggested Agenda Items

Please suggest Agenda items here, and these will later be arranged into the time slots below. Please list topic, name of speaker, estimated time for talk plus discussion, and requested day.

List of suggested items

Friday Morning

  • Annotation
    • InterPro2GO, Amaia Sangrador, 15 min talk, 5 min discussion, Friday.
    • Annotation of protein complexes, Sandra Orchard, IntACT, 10 min talk
    • Annotation of protein complexes, Ceci Arighi, PRO, 10 min talk
    • Discussion: 15 min
      • ontology of complexes including macromolecular complexes
      • what terms in GO and what terms in PRO
      • reduce redundancy of complex annotation efforts
    • Discussion 2: (15 min)
      • Addressing curation redundancy (http://jira.geneontology.org/browse/GO-1131) (Val?)
      • Relations used for Biological Process annotations. In Barcelona, we proposed implementing an additional relation to capture the ambiguity of a gene's relation to a Biological Process. The implementation never happened, and with GAF outputs of LEGO models, the question becomes even more critical. It would be good to re-visit this issue, discuss the various proposals that have been made, and see if we still think it's appropriate to add this relation and if so, what steps need to be taken to do it. (Kimberly - 1 hour?)
    • GO annotation statistics - PaulT
    • Out-of-date JCVI annotations (https://trello.com/c/YRSPkeJb/157-out-of-date-jcvi-annotations). A proposal was made to retire JCVI files and make sure that as many of their experimental annotations as possible (41 in QuickGO) can consistently live on corresponding UniProt entries. Feedback?

Friday Afternoon

  • Noctua Workshop -
    • Protein2GO updates and LEGO/Noctua bridging (Aleksandra)
    • LEGO/Reactome bridging (Seth)
    • Noctua/LEGO workshop - Friday afternoon - 3 hours?
    • Introduction to the tool using an annotation consistency exercise?

Saturday Morning

  • Community facing stuff
    • Flash update on changes to Drupal website (Moni, PaulT)
    • Flash update on AmiGO, including work on parallel projectes, e.g. planteome (Seth)
    • Flash update on QuickGO (Tony) 10 min
    • Set of files we produce and their format. Updated GPAD spec with extra columns (Tony)
    • GO website community annotation page and forms for contributors to complete (Ruth/Val 5 min presentation, 10 min discussion?) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mvMpW09kksDQ6QVpVf5O-0DOl9xbq_JaC4efOzogdus/edit?usp=sharing
  • Ontology Development
    • Flash updates on ontology stats and ontology focused projects, Melanie/David OS/Paola, 45 min talk total (among the 3 of us), 15 min discussion, Friday anytime or Saturday morning.
    • Synapse project update (David OS, Paul T, Ruth L)
    • Making automation automatic - rationalising the inference pipeline (David OS)

Meeting Ends NoonTime

Planned Schedule for the Week of the Meeting

GOC-Geneva-2016 Meeting schedule

  • Friday April 15 and Saturday April 16 - GOC Meeting:
  • Meeting location:
  • April 15: 9am to 5pm
  • April 16: 9am to 1pm
  • Saturday April 16 - GOC Steering Committee Meeting:
  • Meeting location:

GOC-Geneva-2016 Meeting Dinner

  • April 15
  • Location:
  • Time:


The Minutes of the GOC-Geneva-2016 Meeting are recorded here.


Please ensure that all outstanding items from the Trello board are covered here and under the appropriate heading.

Day 1 (Friday)

Session name (approx. times)

  • Item (speaker) (approx time)

Protein Ontology representatives will be present

Group Photo

Day 2

Session name (approx. times)

  • Item (speaker) (approx time)


  • Review action items