2017 Cambridge GOC Meeting Agenda

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GOC Meeting, Cambridge , October 2-4, 2017


Monday 2nd October

  • report from PIs about progression of AGR
  • Evening: Poster session

Tuesday 3rd October

Wednesday 4th October

Hands-on/Workshop Suggestions

  • Creating a biologically useful slim (complete coverage by aspect, biologically useful terms i.e sufficient granularity, avoiding single step process terms (i.e functions), different slims for different purposes.
  • Displaying GO annotations (non redundantly, in MODs, in AmiGO), general data presentation.
  • Good annotation practice: phenotype vs process,
  • Representing biologists’ view of biology: author intent & protein domains; IDA v IC v New evidence code

GOC meeting Discussion topics

This is a placeholder for now

  • GitHub tutorial (Seth & Pascale): how GO now uses GitHub for project management and guidelines for contributors