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| Penelope Garmiri
| Penelope Garmiri
| EBI-UniProt/GOA
| EBI-UniProt/GOA
| Yes
| No
| Yes
| 16
| Paul Thomas
| Yes
| Yes
| No
| No

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  • Hopkins Building, Biochemistry, Tennis Court Rd. CB2 1Q.

Planned Schedule

  • Sunday October 1st:
  • Meeting will run from 9am to 5:00pm.


Signalling Workshop Agenda

Minutes and useful links

  • google minutes Signaling workshop hopefully this link will enable everyone to edit the doc

Items agreed

Hopefully no further discussion required:

  1. All signaling ontology terms should have a defined start and end - work on the ontology is required
  2. GO-CAM models will be created to present clear views of what is part of a pathway, what regulates the pathway, and what is causally upstream of the pathway
  3. The Cambridge meeting will focus on a selection of specific pathways
  4. Annotation conference calls will spend some time looking at these

Pre-meeting github tickets

signaling project at GitHub


Please add your name to the table and indicate if you intend to participate in the pre-meeting discussions

Number Name Organization Participate in pre-meeting discussions Request funding for Saturday night hotel accommodation near meeting Interested in attending Sunday 1st October
1 Valerie Wood PomBase (Cambridge) Yes No Yes
2 Helen Attrill FlyBase (Cambridge) Yes No Yes
3 Giulia Antonazzo FlyBase (Cambridge) Yes No Yes
4 Ruth Lovering UCL Yes No Yes
5 Sandra Orchard EBI-UniProt/GOA/IntAct No Yes
6 Petra Fey dictyBase Yes Yes Yes
7 David Hill GOC/Jackson Laboratory Yes Yes Yes
8 Stacia Engel SGD Yes No Yes
9 Kimberly Van Auken WormBase Yes Yes Yes
10 Sabrina Toro Zfin Yes Yes Yes
11 Pascale Gaudet GOC/nextprot Yes Yes Yes
12 Chris Mungall LBNL To the extent I can Yes Yes
13 Shur-Jen Wang RGD Yes No Yes
14 Elizabeth Bolton RGD Yes No Yes
15 Penelope Garmiri EBI-UniProt/GOA Yes No Yes
16 Paul Thomas USC Yes No Yes