2018 Berkeley GO Docathon

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Agenda (Draft)


  • 153 has been reserved on Tuesday, January 23rd. 248 is reserved for the other 4 days.

Monday, January 22nd

  • Noctua landing page
  • Noctua Quick Start
  • GO-CAM Guidelines (more detailed, on wiki or readthedocs?)
    • Relations - definitions, examples

Tuesday, January 23rd

  • GO-CAM Guidelines
    • Relations - definitions, examples
  • Annotation File Pipelines
    • File submissions
    • Jenkins jobs and reports

Wednesday, January 24th

  • GOC website - move more detailed documentation off of the website, but provide links to internal (i.e. wiki or readthedocs) pages
    • Annotation Guidelines - use GO handbook chapters wherever possible
      • Overall GO philosophy
      • Annotation of specific areas of biology, e.g. apoptosis, signaling, transcription
        • Give GO-CAM examples wherever possible
      • Annotation of specific types of experiments, e.g. ChIP
      • Types of gene products, e.g. transmembrane proteins

Thursday, January 25th

Friday, January 26th



There are two ways travelers can secure their reservation:

1. By Phone- 1-800-325-3535 and mention "Gene Ontology" 2. Via the Web- https://www.starwoodmeeting.com/Book/GeneOntology

Getting there:

Taxis also available from either MacArthur or Ashby


We will try to reserve as many spots outside the front entrance as we can. Look for spots that say "GO meeting". if you see one, take it.

If there is none available, don't worry. Park temporarily and grab a parking pass from the person at the gate, you can then park in the garage:

Meeting Location

Berkeley Lab, Aquatic Park Offices

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Aquatic Park office of Biosciences Operations at Berkeley Physical address: 717 Potter Street, Berkeley, CA 94710

Meeting room: room 181

Travel between hotel and meeting

Aim to be at the lab for 9am


Name Organization Comments
David Hill Jackson Laboratory
Kimberly Van Auken Caltech
Pascale Gaudet SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics


  • Chris Mungall
  • Eric Douglass
  • Seth Carbon
  • Suzi Lewis