2018 NYU GOC Meeting Agenda

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Suggestions for topics


Paul T

  • Mention Alliance
  • Beginning new fiscal year

Infrastructure Projects

  • Release pipeline/new release cycle [1] (Seth, Eric)
  • public API (Nathan, Deepak)
    • Example of use: Ribbon (Nathan)
  • Interaction with data commons (Paul/Chris)
  • Enrichment analysis in the cloud (Paul/Chris)

GO-CAM and Noctua Project

  • Noctua status reports
    • 1.0 Release [2] Seth, Chris
    • Tour of the SAE: Tremayne, Paul
    • Importing Reactome into Noctua: Ben, David
    • Seeding models from GAFs: Dustin, Eric
    • Roll-out plan/discussion: Kimberley
  • Community usage of GO-CAMs
    • GO-CAM landing page [3] (Laurent-Phillippe)
    • Export to other formats and import into other databases (Laurent-Phillippe)
    • Loading GO-CAM annotations into MODS- The MGI Experience (David H)

SAE hands-on session

(Paul's suggestion) - 1.5h All curators should come with a paper or pathway that they would like to curation Suggestion: curate signaling pathways ?

Documentation and Outreach

  • Presentation of update website/Report on Documentation jamboree
  • Outreach plans (Suzi A)
    • SOPs for groups that want to submit annotations to the GOC
  • Licensing and community annotation (Seth?)
    With the possibility of a wider pool of annotation ingest, we should consider a copyright re-assignment policy to the GOC, getting pass-through agreements from re-used upstream resources (the http://reusabledata.org evaluation of Reactome, while possibly out of date, can be illustrative in the context of bulk model import), as well as the legal nature of the GOC.
  • Impact of GO qualifiers on Alliance gene descriptions (Mary D)


Signaling Workshop Project

Paul/Pascale: Can we give an overview/lessons learned summary ? General principles:

  • start and end of pathways
  • underannotation
  • overannotation
  • what does it mean to be part of a pathway/upstream/etc

Other projects

Quality Control Projects

Will we be talking about those??

Future New Projects

  • Alignment of Rhea, Reactome, IntAct and GO with their recommendations for moving forward. GH ticket is here [5] (Jim, Ben?)
  • Evolutionary taxon relations (Paul, Chris)

Other potential topics

Suggestions for topics Fall 2018

  • 'Response to' workshop (similar to the signaling WS)